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ME: In a Nutshell…



I am Mmachimere Stephanie Adaora Nwaneri. I am a young Nigerian blogger who grew up knowing she wants to be a writer. I was certain I wanted to create intriguing fictional works until I began having true Life experiences in my love life.

These experiences inspired a new idea for me. I saw myself shifting from desiring to be a fictional writer, who gives non existent characters life, to becoming a writer who portrays people’s lives the way it is; telling stories of Love, self discovery and the challenges people have encountered. I enjoy telling engaging stories and I intend to keep my grip on my readers with people’s truths.

Love stories are inspiring and worth the tell. Enjoy staying glued to my blog and one day I hope we get to hear your story too. Welcome to

2 replies to “ME: In a Nutshell…

  1. Haven’t read any of the stories, but I feel like I want to tell my stories here. Please how do I contact you steph


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